"My son was diagnosed at the age 7 with Aspberger's Syndrome. We tried variety of things to help him with his symptoms and nothing really worked. my mother-in-law found and article about NAET and we decided to try it. We found Anna at Pure Zen Wellness and have been going to her for about a year now. We've seen a big change in him since we started. He's able to cope with his anxiety now and his cognitive abilities have really improved. I like how she treats him on every level, not just physical but emotional too. He's a lot calmer now and much more focused.
  We are about finished with his treatments and will be on maintenance program which includes continuing with the supplements he has been taking. I believe the supplements are also a big part of my son' s improvement.
  Anna is very professional and non-judgmental. She never made me feel bad about anything or that we were the cause of anything my son was going through. Over the year, my son has developed a friendly relationship with her and feels very comfortable around her now.
Overall, we are pleased with Anna's services and would recommend them to anyone who might have a child on the Autism Spectrum. We are grateful and thankful for what she has done for our son!"

Jesse and Rebekah H., Vista, CA

  "Severe allergies run in our family. My son and I have been suffering for many years and we have tried many remedies- all failed. After only 3 visits to Pure Zen Wellness, 80% of our allergies were gone. This is a first allergy season we have not taken any allergy medicine. With NAET technique combined with acupuncture, we look and feel healthier and have more energy. Pure Zen Wellness is a beautiful office in a nice location, comfortable, warm and relaxing. Anna is a kind, caring, sensitive and a strong professional, who is truly passionate about healing people. With a positive energy of office and Anna, I feel like home with every visit."

By Dina T., Carlsbad

  "Couldn't believe how much of a difference the herbs they gave me made. They made all the difference. The one thing that I really enjoy about this place is their high level of customer service. Their full attention is always on me and they never take personal calls during my appointment. I've been to other places that answer their phone and it just drives me crazy. When comparing them to other acupuncturists I have visited, they are among the best I have seen. I was really impressed with my visit. It is so refreshing to see a provider that you can tell truly cares about their appearance. They strive to maintain a professional appearance and look their best at all times. I trust them completely to always have my best interest in mind. They've never pressured me to make appointments that I didn't think were necessary, and have always gone above and beyond to accommodate my schedule."

By Vaentina P., Carlsbad

  "Anna has been such a blessing! I saw her because I was close to a total collapse, completely drained and burn out. The session with her was incredible. I received an emotional healing first via energy work, then acupuncture and moxibustion, and lastly a massage. Ana's presence was calming and attentive the whole time. I felt safe and being cared for 100%. The treatment room was beautiful and a piece of art in itself. I felt completely restored and nourished from just one treatment. All there was left to do was to rest and let the healing continue."

By Martina N., San Diego

  "The other day I suffered a sudden onset of sharp pain in my left buttocks. When the pain hit, I could barely walk and knew I would be unable to work my delivery job. I asked Anna if she could help me. Now mind you, I am a massage therapist myself, and was pretty sure I knew what Anna would do. Given the time crunch I was under, I was hopeful of only slight relief. Anna took me by surprise, when she muscle tested me and said that the pain was a reaction to something (turkey) I had eaten. Within less than 30 minutes, I got off the table pain free and was able to work my entire shift that night. Anna is a caring and knowledgeable person with an arsenal of many therapeutic tools at her disposal."

By Patricia E. , Carlsbad